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The multifunction building efficiency sensor specifically designed for retrofits.

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Building operators face many challenges. ​Rising fuel costs and climate change are driving the need for energy efficiency. The COVID pandemic revealed the importance of indoor air quality, but it also changed the way buildings get used.  Adapting to these challenges takes actionable data, but good data is hard to find.

Most commercial buildings look like this...

Not like this...

9 out of 10

Commercial Buildings
were built before 2010

It's a simple fact that 91% of commercial buildings in the USA were built before 2010. That means very few of them have building-wide sensors. They're just too old.


Without sensors gathering data, there is no day-to-day "ground truth" for these buildings. Without a reliable baseline, building operators have to rely on utility bill analysis, comparative studies and guesswork to figure out how to make things better.


If you operate a typical commercial building, you need better data. But adding sensors to a building means taking on a retrofit. The high upfront costs and disruptive impact on building occupants make retrofits really painful.

Nosy™ makes it easy by reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 80%, and making installation fast and tool-free. No upfront costs, no messy construction. 

Once Nosy is installed, you'll get continuously updated baseline data for your building. And once you have good data, you can start reducing energy costs, improving indoor air quality and streamlining maintenance and servicing.

Reduce Energy

Nosy makes it easy to see where a building wastes energy.


Quickly spot issues, from lights that are left on to spaces that don't need as much heating or cooling. Find and eliminate a building's hot and cool spots. Quickly identify system performance issues and take preventative action based on actual data. Reduce waste and save money.

Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality is essential for occupant well-being and productivity. That means you need good airflow. But airflow and air quality are invisible, making them hard to track.
Nosy makes indoor airflow patterns visible across an entire building. Problem areas are quickly revealed and can be corrected.  Everyone benefits from better air!

Maintenance & Servicing

Work patterns continue to change and the demands on buildings are changing too. Your maintenance and service plans have to adapt.


Nosy automatically identifies the most and least used spaces in your building so you can direct maintenance and service crews based on actual usage and need saving more time and money.

What is Nosy?

Nosy is a multifunction building efficiency sensor. It is self contained, requires little maintenance and can be easily installed by anyone without tools.


Each Nosy sensor reports more than 1700 data points every day, giving you a detailed building-wide ground-truth that is updated every 5 minutes. Nosy gives you a continuously updated baseline for your entire building.


Nosy provides more data, in more detail, more often, and at lower cost than any other sensor platform.


With Nosy, you'll be able to quickly identify building trouble spots, and see the impact of any changes you make. You'll also be able to monitor how your building performance changes with weather and the seasons of the year.

WHo is Nosy for?

Nosy was created for building operators that manage one or more commercial buildings. It’s optimized for older buildings that are 100,000ft² or less. Nosy has very few requirements–it just needs indoor walls. Nosy sensors don’t need power outlets, wi-fi networks or any kind of building automation system. Nosy also doesn’t need an IT department. Just charge the sensors, stick them to the walls, and switch them on. They will automatically create their own secure network independent of your building's wi-fi.


Data from the sensors is relayed to the Nosy Hub where it is stored and analyzed. The Nosy Hub can be connected to the cloud for further analysis and remote monitoring. You can connect the hub using your building's network or an optional 4G/5G modem. The Nosy Hub can also be connected to an internal server if you prefer to keep your data onsite.


Nosy is an all-in-one sensor that gives you the data you need to make good decisions for your entire building. Instead of relying on a handful of data points and guesswork, you'll have unified and actionable data for your whole building.


Nosy sensors are installed 15-20 yards apart, depending on the building layout. Every sensor tracks the same five parameters: temperature, relative humidity, indoor air quality, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and simple occupancy (via a motion sensor). Our data platform records and analyzes more than 1700 data points per day for every Nosy sensor in your building.


By comparing data from neighboring sensors over time, Nosy makes it much easier to see what's really going on. Nosy reveals important patterns that will help identify building trouble spots, making it easy to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.


Heating and cooling systems often waste energy due to settings based on expected performance rather than actual real world performance. With Nosy data providing insights into your whole building, you'll often find simple fixes that will increase energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality. Nosy data will also help you solve more complex problems by providing actionable diagnostic information that a professional contractor can use to improve your building.

Building floorplan schematic with sensor nodes

Step 1 : Install

Quickly install self-configuring Nosy sensors throughout your building. The average install time is under 2 minutes per sensor.

Building floorplan schematic showing mesh network

Step 2 : Get Data

Relax while Nosy automatically starts to collect environmental, energy and usage data from your building.

Stack of screenshots of Nosy Data Dashboard for building optimization

Step 3 : Act

Review data and insights in your Nosy dashboard. Take manual action, or integrate with other systems for automated remediation.


Nosy data will tell you a lot about how your building operates and how it gets used. Here are just a few of the ways Nosy will start to save you money and improve the wellbeing of your building occupants.

Reduce Energy

Save money by quickly identifying spaces that are over-heated or  over-cooled.  Even just turning off the lights will help.

Improve Productivity

Indoor air quality isn't just about health & wellness. Studies show that clean air boosts productivity by as much as 11%.

Schedule Maintenance

Easily see when HVAC systems aren't performing correctly and save money by  scheduling your maintenance before issues become critical.

Optimize Cleaning

Spot the most heavily used areas of your building and focus your cleaning crews there. Don't waste money cleaning spaces that have hardly been used. 



Nosy is being piloted in multiple locations and will be launching soon. If you'd like to be kept up to date, please share your email address with us. We'll never share or resell your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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