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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Seen a Nosy™ device in your building? Or maybe you found us on the internet.


Wondering what Nosy does? Have concerns about what information is being recorded? Want to know more about Building Optimization?

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What is Nosy?Nosy is a platform for optimizing any commercial building to be more energy efficient and better for its occupants. The most visible part is our bright yellow sensor. We made it that color so it would get people's attention and encourage questions.

Nosy is designed to help building owners and facility managers reduce energy costs, streamline maintenance and servicing, and improve indoor air quality.

What does Nosy do?Nosy records and analyzes data to make a building more efficient and better for its occupants.

Once Nosy sensors are placed throughout a building, they start recording data. They capture temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, light levels and simple occupancy. Because the sensors cover the whole building, it's much easier to see patterns and understand what's really going on in a building.

Nosy provides a continuously updated baseline for building performance. As a building operator makes changes, they can measure the impact immediately.

What data does Nosy record?The Nosy Sensor is an advanced, secure, networked building sensor that tracks a range of environmental data including temperature, humidity, indoor air quality (IAQ) and total Volatile Organic Chemicals (tVOCs). It also tracks energy related metrics like occupancy and light levels.

Does Nosy record audio or video?Absolutely not! Nosy does not record any audio or video signals.

What about privacy?We take privacy, and data privacy, very seriously. Nosy data is securely stored and made available to the building owner. We encourage open data sharing between building owners and building occupants, but we respect the rights of each building owner to decide what information to share.

Nosy does not record any type of audio or visual data. Data from your building may be used for additional analysis, but we do not resell your data to third parties.

Why did you call it "Nosy"?Naming new products is tricky, but (a) we had help and (b) we knew what we didn't want.

Building sensors are usually boring, horribly technical, difficult to use and expensive. We wanted to make it clear that we were doing something different.

We chose Nosy because of its double meaning. The nose is pretty sensitive and very efficient at detecting changing air conditions. Of course, Nosy also means poking about in every corner for news and gossip. We believe that by putting more sensors in more places, we can start to really understand what happens in buildings and make them dramatically better places for us, and the environment.

The Nosy name was developed with Mara Rada of Citronade, a fantastic branding agency with decades of experience in a variety of consumer and business products. 

Love it or hate it, we're confident you'll remember the Nosy name.

When will Nosy be available for purchase?We are hard at work making sure Nosy is the best it can be. We have not announced a release date yet, but we will soon.

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